Modern life is fast-paced and stressful. You’ve probably already tried or heard of all the usual recommended coping mechanisms:

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Eat better.
  • Exercise more.
  • Take up a new hobby.
  • Enjoy some outdoor time.

Now, you can add CBD and meditation to your list.

Meditation is a practice not just for zen masters, yogis, and New Age enthusiasts. Anybody can try meditation- and CBD is an excellent addition to the practice that can help take your meditation sessions to the next level! Whether you’re a busy parent, weekend warrior, athlete, or overworked professionals, everybody can benefit from taking some time to be still and relax. 

Being able to focus inwardly is essential to successful meditation. It is vital to calm the mind and relax the body, which can be difficult for most people. If you’re one of the many people who find it hard to sit still and clear your mind, then taking CBD products like our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Body Balm may be a helpful addition to your meditation sessions. 

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What Is Meditation?

The term “meditation” brings to mind images of bearded yogis sitting on a mat, legs crossed, chanting ohm, or staring at a candle. Free of trappings, meditation is essentially a mental practice to enhance and induce focus, awareness, and relaxation. To put it in more metaphysical terms, meditation is a tool to invite enlightenment and take your mind to a higher plane. For millennia (including up until today), meditation has been widely practiced in cultures worldwide. The majority of religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, have certain meditative aspects. While reflection stems from spiritual roots, most people today practice meditation to relieve stress and calm their thoughts. 

CBD And Meditation

How can CBD and meditation work together to improve your experience? Well, if you’re already doing one, why not combine the two? There are so many shared benefits in CBD and meditation, making CBD products a helpful meditative aid. No matter if you’ve just started a meditation practice or are an experienced practitioner with years of successful sessions under your belt, it can be challenging for anybody to sit still for ten minutes, let alone longer. With so many things grasping for our attention, it has become more difficult to calm the mind and ease the mental fatigue from our packed everyday lives. 

CBD is a natural compound from the cannabis plant, a category of plant that includes both marijuana and hemp. Marijuana plants contain the psychoactive compound THC (which is what gets you “high), while CBD comes from hemp and is manufactured to have less than 0.3% THC. Research suggests that CBD works with a bodily system called the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The ECS helps our bodies maintain wellness and balance, a state known as homeostasis, by regulating various functions, such as digestion, body temperature, sleep, immunity, and even mood. 

With all of these complimentary benefits, CBD and meditation make a natural combination. Adding CBD products like our Black Rain Alkaline Water to your daily routine can help with aches, stress, and even rest, improving concentration and clarity- which is one of the key reasons most people take up meditation in the first place. Many anecdotal testimonials and early studies suggest that CBD may be good at easing everyday stress and promoting a sense of tranquility. An additional benefit of CBD is that it is not psychoactive since it doesn’t contain the cannabinoid THC. Hemp-derived CBD is federally legal in the United States, which is why all of Black Rain’s products can be ordered in any part of the United States! 

CBD oil shouldn’t be used solely for enhancing your meditation experience. Still, it can be an essential component of helping you feel at ease with the practice, along with being a healthy part of your daily self-care regimen. Through easing stress, tension, and minor aches and names, CBD oil and meditation can both significantly boost your everyday wellness by allowing your body to relax and the mind to follow.

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What You Can Expect From CBD And Meditation

Now that we’ve discussed how CBD and meditation can make for a calming combination, here are a couple more factors to consider when it comes to adding CBD to your daily relaxation routine:

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Everybody Reacts Differently To CBD

Everybody is different- depending on your body weight, age, overall health, and unique system, how you may respond to CBD may vary widely. It may be the ideal complement to their wellness routine for certain individuals and assist them in being more centered and calm. 

CBD And Its Effects Are Cumulative

Just taking some CBD and sitting on your zen cushion probably won’t make you a master of meditation. Start with the recommended daily serving and give the compound a couple of weeks to accumulate in your system. Our clients report at least 30 days of continuous use for optimal effectiveness. Some people may feel results after just a couple of days, while for some, it may take several months of regular use to feel the full effects they’re looking for. 

CBD May Impact Your Focus And Mood

As you incorporate CBD into your routine, you hopefully find that it raises your sense of awareness, calm, and focus. Not only is this good for “taking the edge off” of your daily stress, but for the first few minutes of settling into a meditative practice so you can glean maximum benefits. 

CBD Timing Is Of The Essence

As we’ve established above, CBD use is cumulative. However, even after you’ve built up enough in your system to begin experiencing the results you want, timing is still vital. Don’t expect to experience sudden waves of calm after taking a serving of CBD five minutes before meditating. The potency and immediately of any effects will mostly depend on how you choose to take CBD, whether as a softgel or an oil. Make sure to account for timing if you’re looking for the most relaxed, aware meditation practice. 

CBD Won’t Magically Make You Better At Meditation

Anyone who regularly mediates will tell you that the practice requires a significant amount of dedication and time, particularly if you start. CBD can assist with calmness and focus; it doesn’t mean that CBD is a miracle cure that will make meditating effortless or instant. Putting in effort, time, and practice is still essential for mindful meditation. CBD should be looked at as a helpful addition to your wellness routine that can make it a bit easier to settle into the right frame of mind. 

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CBD can be a great addition to your everyday stress-relief routine in conjunction with a balanced lifestyle and regular meditation practice. Black Rain is a Black-owned wellness firm that offers all-natural hemp products to promote relief and recovery. All Black Rain products are batch-tested to guarantee their quality, safety, and correct dosages. Recover from your workout and heal your body with Black Rain products today!

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