Each month, we’re shining a spotlight on someone who’s incorporated Black Rain into their life to overcome an obstacle in their path. We’re highlighting Lisa Anderson our latest Black Rain Warrior. Lisa works as a hairstylist in a salon in Antioch, north of San Francisco in the Bay Area. Lisa suffers from sleep disruption and nervous system issues.

Here’s her inspiring story in her own words:

Black Rain Warrior Lisa

Lisa A.

“Drinking Black Rain at night before bed has allowed me to replace sleep aides. I have no side effects with Black Rain and highly recommend to anyone who has problems with sleep or inflammation.”

What condition are you treating? Insomnia & Sciatic Nerve Damage
What’s your favorite product?
Black Rain Hemp Infused Alkaline Water

I actually have a problem with insomnia and sciatic nerve damage. For 4-6 years, because of the pain, I would get a restless night’s sleep. During the day, it would be hard to move and just get on with my day. Drinking Black Rain Alkaline CBD/Hemp-Infused Water at night before bed has allowed me to replace sleep aids and pain relievers and helped me remove other pills from my daily and nightly routines. I wake up well-rested.

I was reluctant to use Black Rain water at first because I thought it had marijuana in it and I didn’t want to get that high feeling. But while I was at a street fair I asked the staff about it. They explained it was a THC-free product and it would help with pain and inflammation. I tried it because I was seeking other, non-pharmaceutical solutions for pain.

Before I started using Black Rain on a scale of 1-10 my pain was a 10! I would manage that pain with Motrin 800, Aleve pain meds and Tylenol PM. After using Black Rain for 3-4 days I noticed pain relief. I slept better. I was more mobile. I work on my feet all day as hairstylist so if I can’t stand and walk, I can’t work. It’s also helped with fear & anxiety, the worry that I am going to have a total shut down and be totally immobile because the pain can be so great.

I am working out with a trainer now which I couldn’t do before. And my trainer says I am doing well even compared to some younger people that he trains. This has a lot to do with the relief I am getting through Black Rain.

I am 100% satisfied with it and I am thinking that I saved my liver from damage from Motrin therapy and I have experienced no side effects. I have already recommended Black Rain Alkaline CBD/Hemp Infused Water to many people. I’m so excited to be living a pain-free active life again.

If Black Rain has helped you overcome an illness or injury with the power of hemp (CBD), we’d love to hear your story. And if you haven’t yet tried Black Rain, there’s never been a better time to experience the difference hemp can make in your life. Share your Warrior CBD/Hemp story