If you are looking to experience the benefits that cannabis offers users, without experiencing the psychoactive effects that THC provides, then CBD products are an extremely viable option. It will help you with whatever it is you are seeking medical help with, while also grant some outstanding health benefits, all without any secondary effects, such as the feeling of being “high.” But with so many types of CBD products out there, how do you know which one is the best option for you?

Did you know that 52% of people prefer softgels over chewables, or types of pills, such as caplets and tablets? Our CBD hemp extract softgels here at Black Rain contain a gelatin shell that plays a critical role in preserving the integrity of your CBD product. This makes the softgel form of CBD more effective and easier to consume. To better understand this, let us talk a little about how the gelatin is responsible for creating a more effective CBD product. The gelatinous substance of CBD softgels does not leave any room for the phytocannabinoids that it contains to oxidize. The gel locks in the CBD so that your system is able to digest more cannabinoids, making this form of CBD more effective than oil, or other types of pills.

Black Rain CBD Softgel Relief

1. CBD softgels are easier on the stomach

One of the top reasons to switch to CBD softgels is that they are much easier on your stomach than other products of CBD are. If you have ever experienced an upset stomach after consuming CBD products such as CBD oil, the reason may be behind the ingredients that are being used to deliver the CBD oil to the body, and not the actual CBD ingredient in the product.

 “If you are experiencing gastrointestinal distress symptoms or an upset stomach, you may have a sensitivity, especially to coconut/MCT oil, which is the most common carrier I’ve seen. Many people can experience abdominal cramping and stomach pain, especially when consuming large quantities.”

Dr. Michele Ross

Next time that you experience unpleasant stomach feelings, think about the type of CBD product that you are using and try softgels to help alleviate such symptoms. CBD softgels are absorbed better, faster, and more efficiently than other CBD products, which make it easier and smoother on the stomach. This is because gelatin is a natural substance that the human body is familiar with. The gelatin that is found in CBD softgels comes from bovine, which creates a smoother absorption process. It is a fact that customers report reduced stomach discomfort when they digest softgels versus other types of medication.

2. CBD softgels have no unpleasant odors

Because all of the ingredients in the CBD softgel are enclosed inside the product’s gelatin cover, CBD softgels do not have unpleasant odors during consumption. Some pills, including vitamins, may naturally have strong odors due to their ingredients not being encapsulated. If you are sensitive to the smell of CBD or are sensitive to odors in general, then this is something to definitely look forward to in regards to CBD softgels

3. CBD softgels increase bioavailability of ingredients

One of the greatest pros that come with ingesting CBD softgels is that the gelatin substance that it is encapsulated is compatible with our human genetics. This is something that greatly increases the bioavailability of all the fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytocannabinoids that are encapsulated inside the softgel. This is part of what explains why CBD softgels are easier on a consumer’s stomach and are generally easier for our bodies to digest. This ease in digestion helps to facilitate the digestion of other ingredients, such as acids, phytocannabinoids, and antioxidants within the capsule as well. CBD softgels are known to increase the bioavailability of the other active ingredients within the capsule. Two-piece capsules or tablets may often time be difficult to digest, because of their inability to completely dissolve in the human stomach, prior to the process of absorption. Because such delivery methods such as capsules come in a solid form, dissolving into a liquid state that is easier to digest may be difficult. The ingredients that are contained in softgels, on the other hand, are already in a liquid form. This liquid form is what is responsible for facilitating a more effective absorption of CBD. Our CBD softgels at Black Rain are composed of a  high-efficiency softgel formulation that allows the nano-sized droplets of Phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp extract CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream in mere minutes.

4. CBD softgels have increased potency

CBD softgels are one of the most potent forms of CBD consumption, due to their airtight sealing form. Because CBD softgels are hermetically sealed, nothing is able to enter or affect the ingredient or the potency of the CBD that is encapsulated inside, and nothing is able to leave the softgel either. This is also able to protect the phytocannabinoids inside the CBD softgel from oxygen and from light that can corrupt the potency of the ingredients in your CBD product.

The softgel consistency which protects your CBD product makes CBD softgels tamper-proof, increasing their potency by ensuring that they are kept safe from any external influences that could decrease the potency of the CBD product, even by a little bit. If you are really looking to get the most out of your product, then softgels are definitely the better alternative to other methods of delivery.

5. CBD softgels are absorbed better

CBD products that are in the form of softgels are naturally absorbed by the human body better than other methods of delivery, such as capsules or tablets. The reason why CBD softgels are absorbed better by the body lies their gelatin encapsulation and their liquid state. The ingredients inside a CBD softgel are already in a liquid form makes it easy for your body to digest, in contrast to other types of CBD products which must be dissolved in the mouth or the stomach first before being absorbed. This liquid form of CBD that softgels are able to provide consumers with is what helps the body with the CBD absorption process. Our CBD softgels at Black Rain are composed of a high-efficiency softgel formulation that allows the nano-sized droplets of Phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp extract CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream in mere minutes. The gel encapsulation and the liquid form that CBG softgels provide create ease in absorption, which makes it easier on the stomach, and also makes the absorption process a lot faster.

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6. CBD softgels are easier to swallow

There are a number of reasons that explain the reason why some individuals are unable to or have a difficult time swallowing pills such as capsules or tablets. Sold medicines can be intimidating to a good percentage of the population, and is, in fact, more common than the majority may think. Some have a dry mouth which makes swallowing solid medicine difficult due to a lack of saliva production in the mouth. On the other hand, others just simply gag at the thought of swallowing a pill. This is often referred to as “dysphagia,” the medical term for “difficulty swallowing.” If you or someone you know can relate to this, we have great news.

CBD softgels come in a shape that specifically makes them easy to swallow. They also provide a smooth contour, that makes softgels easier to swallow regardless of their size. If you are looking to ingest CBD but are afraid of swallowing solid medicine in the form of pills such as capsules or tablets, then rest assured with our CBD softgels. Our unique softgel formula leverages Black Rain’s proprietary, water-soluble full spectrum hemp extract, making the swallowing process easier than ever.

Black Rain CBD Softgel Recovery

7. CBD softgels won’t dissolve in your mouth while swallowing

Often times, capsules or pills may generally dissolve in your mouth prior to you swallowing the solid form of medication. The great thing about CBD softgels is that you will not feel any type of dissolving in the substance in your mouth, prior to or while swallowing. It’s, shape, form and smooth gelatin consistency makes the softgel extremely effortless and easy to swallow while ensuring that none of the ingredients in your CBD product dissolve in your mouth. Sometimes, it is recommended that individuals let a pill dissolve behind their tongues, in order for the ingredients to be better absorbed by the body after swallowing. With softgels, you do not need to do that, as the liquid gel consistency makes absorption quick and effective already.

8. CBD softgels don’t leave a bad aftertaste

One huge benefit that softgels offer users is that they do not leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Many individuals would rather stay away from the taste that CBD products, such as CBD oil can provide. This stops people from having the option of using medical CBD to treat diseases or other concerns and stops them from experiencing the benefits that CBD is able to provide them with. With CBD softgels, you will not have to worry about tasting CBD, as the softgels encapsulated gel consistency leaves no taste after swallowing, whatsoever. All you have to do is consume it, and wait for the benefits to kick in. Say goodbye to bad aftertastes or odors in relation to solid medication. Softgels are really your best alternative, and especially for the consumption of CBD. You will be able to experience positive benefits in a pleasant manner, without having to worry. 

9. CBD softgels work faster

CBD softgels work a lot faster than other CBD products. Once again, the reason behind this lies in its gel consistency, and its liquid state, making it easier on the stomach, as well as more effective since the CBD is absorbed in a more efficient way. If you are taking CBD to help you with your sleep, for example, then you will definitely want the CBD to kick into your system as soon as possible. CBD softgels are really your best alternative in such situations.

10. CBD softgels have an exact serving size

When it comes to consuming CBD, measuring your serving size is extremely important. If you intake more CBD than the amount that you are advised to, then there is a possibility that you make experience some negative effects. Because the process of measuring CBD can oftentimes be timely, some people may not take precise CBD measurements prior to consumption. Softgels can help you stay away from this hassle overall, as the amount of CBD that they provide within the product is an exact and specific serving size of CBD. Rest assured without having to worry about the possibility of overdosing with CBD, with our CBD softgels. This will assist you in retaining a consistent CBD intake, while getting the best CBD results that you can possibly get, especially in the long-run.

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This article is not intended to be medical advice. Our products are not cures for any of the ailments listed in this article. We highly recommend everyone speak with their physician and understand the limitations and use of hemp-derived products.