Black Rain Warrior Lisa
“I have a problem with insomnia and sciatic nerve damage. Drinking Black Rain at night before bed has allowed me to replace sleep aides. I have no side effects with Black Rain and highly recommend to anyone who has problems with sleep or inflammation.”

Lisa A, Insomnia & Sciatic Nerve Damage

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 and started chemotherapy shortly thereafter…I felt it all in full force after my first session. When I tried it for the first time, I instantly felt “different”. I can’t stress enough how instrumental Black Rain was in helping me not only survive cancer but also kick cancer’s butt!!!

Yvonne C., Breast Cancer Survivor

Black Rain Warrior Yvonne C
Christine Testimonial Black Rain
“Black Rain has given me energy from being drained due to having breast cancer. Black Rain takes away the pain.”

Christine D., Breast Cancer Survivor

“Drinking Black Rain for the last 8 months has decreased my Opioid pain medication from 3 Norco a day to 1/2 a day. The CBD infused water has helped to also improve my mood as I now have less side effects due to medications decreased or stopped altogether.”

Helen R., pseudotumor cerebri

Helen Testimonial Black Rain

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