Black Rain Warrior Stories

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Our Black Rain Warriors

Who is a Black Rain Warrior? Cancer Survivors. Athletes. Single parents. We are proud to support our Black Rain Warriors. They are everyday people fighting battles, some of which you can see, some you can’t. We support anyone dedicated to their cause, whether it is surviving a deadly disease, running faster and recovering quicker or just the everyday parent who wants to keep up with their own little warriors. The cause is achieving wellness in their life while following their own path through the use of Black Rain’s organic hemp-based products.

Join the thousands of people who have experienced the benefits of hemp extract. You can feel empowered to make your body feel better with Black Rain or other hemp-based products. Previous treatments may have failed you or maybe you’re interested in a natural remedy for your health needs, are you a Black Rain Warrior?

If Black Rain has helped you overcome an illness or injury with the power of hemp (CBD), we’d love to hear your story.

Lisa A., Insomnia & Nerve Damage

"Drinking Black Rain at night before bed has allowed me to replace sleep aides. I have no side effects with Black Rain and highly recommend to anyone who has problems with sleep or inflammation."

Helen R., Pseudotumor Cerebri

"My doctors didn’t have an explanation as to why my condition had apparently gotten better. I give all the credit to Black Rain Hemp-Infused Alkaline Water."