Each month, we’re shining a spotlight on someone who’s incorporated Black Rain into their life in order to overcome an obstacle in their way. To start things off, we’re highlighting a woman who’s close to our heart as our inaugural Black Rain Warrior.

Yvonne Chatman is the aunt of our founder, Claude and a breast cancer survivor who used Black Rain Hemp Infused Alkaline Water to help supplement her cancer treatment plan. Here’s Yvonne’s inspiring story in her own words:

Black Rain Warrior Yvonne C

Yvonne C.

“I can’t stress enough how instrumental Black Rain has been in helping me not only survive cancer but also kick its butt!”

What did you overcome? Breast Cancer
What’s your favorite product? Black Rain Hemp Infused Alkaline Water
How long have you been using Black Rain? 2 Years

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, and I started chemotherapy shortly thereafter. Boy, was I unprepared for the journey that lay ahead of me.

I heard countless times from doctors that I would be extremely fatigued during chemo. They said I would experience a loss of appetite and would feel nauseated most of the time. But, even after hearing all of this, nothing could have prepared me for the reality of what was to come.

After my first session, I instantly felt the debilitating effects of chemotherapy. The fatigue, nausea, and loss of appetite hit me with full force. You name it, and I felt it. Soon thereafter, my nephew Claude heard about the difficult time I was having, and he told me he was working on something that could possibly ease my experience with chemo. At that point, I was willing to try anything to lessen the amount of discomfort I was in. I told him to bring over whatever it was right away.

After trying Black Rain for the first time, I instantly felt … different. I couldn’t quite describe it, but I knew Claude was on to something. I started drinking the water regularly and noticed my ongoing aches and pains were rapidly subsiding. During this time, I wasn’t even attempting to alleviate what I considered to be my normal level of pain; I was mainly focused on relieving the side-effects of the chemotherapy.

As more time went by, I began to regain my energy, and my nausea abated almost entirely. The Black Rain Hemp Infused Alkaline Water made my pain much more bearable, allowing me to continue my treatment without fear. And after several more months of intense chemotherapy and radiation sessions, my doctors finally declared me to be cancer-free in October 2018.

I’ve continued to drink Black Rain ever since. And more recently, I had lab work done and my doctor was shocked to see my A1C level no longer signals diabetes. I’m proud to say my blood pressure hasn’t been this under-control in years. And while I can’t say with certainty Black Rain had anything to do with these results, the drink has honestly made me feel better and has given me far more energy than I previously had. This energy is the fuel that helps me live a more active life, so consequently, I’m a healthier person for it.

I am incredibly thankful to my nephew Claude and to the entire Black Rain team. I can’t stress enough how instrumental Black Rain has been in helping me not only survive cancer but also kick its butt!

If Black Rain has helped you overcome an illness or injury with the power of hemp (CBD), we’d love to hear your story. And if you haven’t yet tried Black Rain, there’s never been a better time to experience the difference hemp can make in your life. Share your Warrior CBD/Hemp story